Monday, July 13, 2009

A Geyser Weekend

This weekend has been a Geyser weekend. All the weekend I was hunting for a geyser to buy. I realized this is not an easy task considering the kind of stuff you need to look for. Here is a small checklist of stuff you need to be aware for buying a geyser in India.

Capacity: 25-15 liters Storage - This is enough for a bathroom geyser in most household of 4 to 6 ppl. The decision in this case has to be based on the requirement since the cost difference between a 25 ltr and 15 ltr model is Rs 400.

Plastic Body (ABS) Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (C8H8• C4H6•C3H3N)n plastic has very good electrical insulation properties.

Copper Drum
- Copper has special anti corrosive properties that prolongs the life of the water heater. This is useful for hard water areas.The heat retention in Copper Drum is more than that of stainless steel.

Pressure - It is recommended to select a heater with pressure withstanding capacity of 6 Kg/cm2 and above in case of high rise apartments where the pressure can build-up due to water inlet. This might be due to a pressure pump used for water or water gushing down from the overhead tank.

Adjustable Temperature - Ideal water temperature for a bath is 40- 45 degrees. This would save some money the electric bill!!

Thermal Cut-out - A fail-safe device to prevent over heating and boiling

Pressure cum vacuum release–prevents build up of excessive pressure (by releasing water) or vacuum (sucking in air) inside the tank.

Semi return device – prevents dry heating of the element by cutting off flow from the tank- ensuring that element is always immersed in water.

2-in-1 pressure cum release valve - Ensures positive and negative pressure is not created inside the tank

Ceramic Heating Element - No electric shock. It is a cartridge type element that is not in contact with water. Also the heat transfer is over a much larger surface area. The result- longer elements, life, lower salt deposits, hence ideal for hard water areas, easier to replace without draining the water.

PUF Insulation - Poly Urethene Foam prevents heat loss, retains heat longer.

Certifications & Warranty
ISI/BIS certification - A must india.
Warranty period for 5 years.
IEC international certification .
And of course 5 star energy rating!!

I happened to select a water heater with most of theses specifications - 2 years down the line i will be evaluating these criteria :)