Sunday, November 13, 2011

Installing Io on Snow Leopard

Started on Seven Languages in Seven Weeks . Interesting set of 7 languages. Y'day reached Io - Day One. Had to do some googling around to get Io working on OS X.

In case you intend to do the same, here is the gist of the steps required to get going

  • Download Io source from git-repo
sudo git clone git://
  • Next step is to run the file in the cloned git  io directory. You might get the following error
~/software/io/libs/iovm/source/IoObject_inline.h:322: error: ‘always_inline’ function could not be inlined in call to ‘IoObject_rawGetSlot_’: recursive inlining

  • You need to modify the file  ~/software/io/libs/basekit/source/Common_inline.h change
#define NS_INLINE static __inline__ __attribute__((always_inline)) 
in the section #if defined(__APPLE__)  to
#define NS_INLINE static inline