Sunday, May 30, 2010

Reading Java Concurrency

The j.u.c package added to Java in 1.5 introduced me to the world of Concurrency research itself. Somehow i never thought of looking to this package beyond Executors class.

Here is the study plan for that worked for me...
  1. Locks, Conditions And Fairness
  2. Understanding the Java Memory Model and its fix by JSR 133
  3. Happens-Before and volatile.
  4. LL/SC, CAS concepts
  5. Atomic package
  6. Concurrent Data Structures & Synchronizers
  7. Executors,Futures and other threading concepts.
People & Forums:
  1. Articles by Brian Goetz, Doug Lea
  2. Java concurrency Interest group.

Two useful books:
  1. Concurrent Programming In Java by Doug Lea.
  2. Java Concurrency in Practice By Brian Goetz

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Shree said...

This is too gud!!! Thnx a lot. But i did observed a bug in this. It would not convert beyond 100. Please chk if this could be fixed...